Church planting mission

The Diocese of Western Anglicans spans an area of 30 million people consisting of a diverse population of Caucasians, Latinos, African Americans, and Asians. The vastness of the geography of the diocese offers huge opportunities to reach to the nations for Christ without having to travel to a foreign land.

Taking seriously The Great Commission Jesus gave to his disciples, the diocese has made church planting a central part of its mission. Studies consistently show the church planting provides the most effective way to reach unchurched people for Christ.

Each of the diocese's four deaneries (Arizone, Los Angeles, Rocky Mountain, San Diego) have established church plant teams made up clergy and lay people who have been charged with raising up and supporting church planters in their regions. Each of the deaneries is developing expertise in the recruitment, assessment, training, coaching and funding of church planters. In the not too distant future we hope for each of our deaneries to be able to provide whatever resources a potential church planter may need in the first five years of planting.

The diocese already has a handful of church plants in the pipeline all focused on reaching  distinctive target group. In La Habra, CA Beth Messiah Anglican could be the diocese's first messianic church. In Compton, CA at Miracle Center Ministries is seeking to reach African Americans. In Anaheim, CA Disciples Anglican has targeted Koreans and other Asian groups. In Riverside, CA Celebration Anglican is attempting to reach a multi-ethnic community in the Inland Empire.

Church planters can be either clergy or lay people with a heart to reach their city for Christ and an ability to gather people around them. The diocese has big hopes for its current and future church plants. If you would like to get involved in one of our church planting initiatives or would like to provide financial or prayer support, please contact the dean in your deanery area (See our Contact Page).

Our ACNA provincial church planting initiative is known as "Always Forward." Our key leaders of church planting in  North America encourage us to move "Always Forward" in mission and maturity. a theme that was central to the sermon that Archbishop Beach preached immediately following his election.

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Always Forward - launched a new website with resources for dioceses and church planters. The first resource is a "Church Planter Assessment Manual. (