What is a Mast Talk?

MAST: Mission, Action, Support and Training

The goal of a MAST Talk is to equip you with a skill you can walk away with and apply.

A MAST Talk is a presentation done in a succinct and engaging way, in which missional stories, testimonies, expertise and ministry resources are shared with an audience. There is time for questions and audience interaction built in.

Traction: Pre-evangelism and the art of listening

Stephen Caldwell, MA, MDiv.

We know about sowing the gospel seed, but how do we prepare the soil? Traction is a proven method for helping Christians deepen relationships with non-Christians so they can more effectively share the gospel. You’ll leave with a fresh approach to engaging your church in outreach and, as a bonus, you’ll know how to ask one question three times to the same person, get three different answers, and open up a gospel conversation. See you there!

Learn more about Traction at gettingtraction.org


Fr. Paul Nacin

Learning to actively engage and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that you, YES, even you, can minister effectively and share the Gospel when God calls you step our and participate in what He is


Meaning in the Mundane: The Heart of Hospitality

Jordan Stone

Invitational. Intentional. Vulnerable. This ain't your mama's welcoming committee. It's biblical hospitality with doable, real-life methods for the entirety of His people. I can only speak to what I know, so come hang out and hear about what the Lord’s been doing with this unlikely host.

You’re Allowed To Do That?!  

Yes! You Can Share the Good News of Jesus on a Public School campus and change the future!

Sue Olson

Director: Good News Clubs/JYC Clubs

After school Good News Clubs provide an exciting opportunity for us to share our love and passion for Jesus with elementary age children as they participate in an uplifting program where they learn about God in a safe and fun environment right where they are. Once a week, children meet in a room on campus immediately after school where they sing interactive songs, hear a Bible lesson, learn Bible verses, and play games, all while learning about who God is and how much He loves them. Even if you’ve never shared your faith before, you will learn a simple way to share a clear presentation of the gospel that even the smallest child can understand. 

No experience necessary!  

Participants will be equipped to start a Good News Club on a local elementary school campus with tools to reach kids for Jesus

Intercession For such a Time as This

Sue Ellen Warren

Lead Prayer Intercessor

Participants will describe one strategy for strengthening intercessory prayer in the local church.

Who should attend? Members of parish prayer teams, diocesan intercessors, and anyone interested in learning more about prayer.

Please join us. You will hear nine reasons for increased prayer in our diocese, in our churches, in our homes. You will share ideas with others. You will take away a lesson to share with others. "Lord, teach us to pray!"

One Body: A Global Vision for the Diocese

Patricia Streeter

Jesus calls us to function as one body and tells us that when we work together to advance His Kingdom, the gates of hell will not prevail against us. Recent reports from around the world indicate that we may be in the midst of the biggest move of God in the history of the world! But how can we foster these needed global connections and work together as a diocese?

Practicing Stillness in a Busy World

Jessica Lacy, MA

Steeped in a culture that prizes productivity, many of us aren’t sure how to stop moving and feel uncomfortable when we do. The Psalmist encourages us that God is exalted in our stillness (Psalm 46:10). It’s a means of coming to know him and ourselves more fully and invites us into the embodied reality that he controls the cosmos. This frees us up to live in integrity with that truth and enter into his rest.

The Daily Office 4 U

John Priestley

How to use Morning and Evening Prayer to enrich your discipleship in praise, confession, scripture reading, and prayer.

Developing your Church's Children's Ministry in the Godly Play Style

Cindy Frost

Does your children's ministry create an environment where children can both hear and respond to Bible stories in a developmentally appropriate way? Do you have one child or many more? Let's talk about how you can come one step closer to providing what the children need such that we are not hindering their coming, but rather they want to come to him, and they bring their parents and friends with them!

The 'Go' of the Gospel: Learning to Share What Matters Most

Ellie Sorota

We know we "should" share the gospel, but do we have real life readiness to do so? Learn simple ways to incorporate evangelism in your life, regardless of your personality. Let's quit using results as the measure of our efforts and instead share as the natural outpouring of our love for Jesus. 

A Parish for the Neighborhood

Fr. Astor Yelangueuzian

Have your church form a neighborhood team that will commit to get to know, serve and pray for your neighborhood. Go outside your church walls, establish genuine relationships with your neighbors with no strings attached. There's no such thing as quick evangelism. Plant seeds in your community and allow God to do the rest. 

Forming Lifelong Disciples through Via Catechesis

Bree Snow

What is catechesis? What is a via? How are Christians formed to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind? Find out how God is at work building His Kingdom through the use of Via Catechesis in the local church. 

Pouring Salsa on the Gospel

Gamaliel Garcia

A strategic planning for the presentation of the Gospel is crucial if we are to fulfil Jesus' commission to us. Paul understood this when he stated he had become all things to all people, that by all possible means he might save some. We can take this concept and apply it to the mission field when taking the Gospel into the Hispanic culture in our midst.

The Benefits of Spiritual Direction for Personal and Church Growth

Luisa Johnson,PhD, SD.

We live in a “burn-out” culture. Offering Group Spiritual Direction to your church community can also expand and revitalize our Mission of disciple-making and leadership development.

To learn more visit the website:


Equipping and Energizing your Church and Community

Julian Gibb

An introduction to equip church leaders as they strive to make disciples, to love their neighbors, and serve as Jesus’ hands and feet. For those seeking to energize and spiritually mature their congregants while engaging the non-Christian community. 

To learn more about Harvest, go to: harvestfoundation.org

Let the Youth…

John Laffoon

Jesus instructed the disciples to let the little children come to him and be in his presence. But what does our Lord, and Scripture, have to say about the really big children - youth? How has he called them to participate in the life and ministry of the Church and the Kingdom of God? Come learn, and consider together, various ways we can we can encourage, support, and not hinder them from the calling of Jesus?

Ministering to Women

Liz Read-Smith

This MAST session is about rethinking women's ministry in a time when society wonders ‘what is a woman.’We will have intentional discussion on womanhood and women’s ministry in the church, community and family for both men and women of the church family.

Blessings & Challenges of Native American/First Peoples Ministry

Tom and Susan Talbot

Ministering to Native American/First Peoples is a challenging endeavor. It is estimated that only about 5% of Native Americans are what would be considered committed Christians, making them one of the most unreached or "misreached" people groups on the face of the earth. If the mission is approached humbly, compassionately, and intelligently, there is an abundant harvest to be reaped.

The Healing Mindset

Fr. Joseph Acton

At the heart of healing is a mindset that because I am in Christ, I am free from any sense of being a victim of my circumstances. This opens me up to all the promises and possibilities of God. Come and begin developing this new mindset which empowers us to live a new story in Christ.