What are Mast talks and Intensives?

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What are MAST Talks? - Mission, Action, Support and Training

Goal: The goal of a MAST Talk is to equip you with a skill you can walk away with and apply.

We are making workshops shorter so people will have the opportunity to attend multiple and different mini-presentations on various types of mission interest. A MAST Talk is a presentation done in a succinct and engaging way, in which missional stories, testimonies, expertise and ministry resources are shared with an audience. Each presenter will present for 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of audience interaction. Each MAST Talk will last a total of 30 minutes.

What are Ministry Training Intensives?

A Ministry Training Intensive is a 2-2 ½ hour block of time set aside to move a group with common ministry experience and responsibility toward greater effectiveness in mission and ministry. While the group may find the time spent together as inspiring, the focus is on equipping for action through shared knowledge and skills acquisition.

MAST talks

This section will be updated as further talk descriptions come in. It is nearly complete now (9/26)

Pythons, Pedals, and Puccini Fr Thomas Hall


"Pythons, Pedals, and Puccini" will explore ways that we can employ our gifts, talents, interests, and joys toward the building of relationships in our community and expanding God’s Kingdom into our neighborhoods. We’ll visit Moses in Exodus 4 and Jesus’ disciples in Luke 9 to build our theological foundation. And then identify our vocation and avocation as avenues for the Spirit to work through our unique skills and interests. The aim is to motivate and inspire folks to do what they already do well in specific, relational-building ways.


Intercession for Such a Time as This Sue Ellen Warren


This session will highlight facts and practices to help clarify our role as intercessors for this time and culture. Then small groups will share examples of how this is fleshed out in their own parishes. We will share the good and build on successes. Expect cross-pollination, as iron sharpens iron.


Most Wanted: Ordinary Committed Followers of Jesus Christ Russell Martin


There are nearly 2 million people incarnated in the United States, all of whom need to experience the transforming grace and healing power of Jesus Christ. Come learn how you can be part of God’s plan to bring forth a harvest of those who are in prison and play a vital part of encouraging transformation from the inside out. All that is needed is an open mind, a willing heart and a desire to be an instrument of the Lord’s grace!


Seniors to Seniors Leo Laney


For those saints in their later years looking for opportunity to serve the Lord and give back to the church and society who find themselves without opportunity because of the youth focus of the typical congregation.


Ask a Millennial Harman Thomas


Millennials are the core of adults in the workforce now, and we present a particular challenge when it comes to mission. Having come of age in the unstable times of 9/11, the housing crisis of 2008, Obergefell, culture wars, church scandals, and revolutionary sexual mores in public discourse, we have a unique perspective on the world and the church that has many pastors and missional leaders scratching their heads. Fr. Harman is a living, breathing millennial who has experienced deconstruction and come out on the other side, returning to his faith with renewed vigor, depth, and a desire to see fellow millennials find roots in the Anglican tradition.


Lift Up Your Eyes: How to Recognize God's Harvest Field Around You Meljon Salazar


We’ll be learning how to recognize and reach those in our networks looking to the example of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4. This hands on training will provide practical steps discern whom the Lord may be bringing your way to love and influence for His Kingdom. We will also brainstorm practical steps to cultivate those relationships and share about our faith.

From Distrust to Following Jesus: How to Walk with our Friends through their Faith Journey Meljon Salazar


We’ll be learning from Everts and Schaupp’s "I Once Was Lost" about the five thresholds our friends often go through approaching becoming a follower of Christ. Trust, curiosity, openness, seeking, and following are all markers of one’s path to Christ. We will learn to identify which threshold our friends and loved ones are in and pray and discern with the Holy Spirit practical steps to help them towards the next phase.


Equipping Laity to Reach University Students Jason Caywood


This MAST is designed to provide an introduction to the culture of the modern University, the challenges students face while participating there and insights and strategies for lay persons and congregations who want to missionally engage college students as they live in the context of the College/University.


Understanding the Gifts and Talents Needed for Lay Mission Canon Jesse Sandoval


We will define the gifts and talents that serve people well as they accept a call into lay mission. We will provide an exercise or two to help you determine if God is calling you into a deeper relationship with him as a lay missioner. Finally, we will provide a handout that can guide you into a decision to apply for the DWA lay missioner program.


Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”- a Pandemic Guide to Navigating Grief Fr. Kevin Jones

In this MAST talk we will explore the stages of grief as they play out in the lives of those around us and offer some practical advice on how to help those struggling with loss.  


How to Be a Beloved Youth Leader/Volunteer Fr. John Laffoon

How do you know if you’re doing a good job as youth leader? How are you supposed to figure out the best curriculum and activities that will help students continue walking with Jesus their whole lives? Why don’t all the teens show up? What if only two or three teens show up? What’s the right balance of teaching verses entertainment? What about service, mission, and discipleship? Why do clarinet lessons always seem to trump catechesis? Am I doing something wrong? What’s the secret to becoming a beloved youth leader – like the ones who made such an impact on my life and faith? Come join us as we discuss these questions with fellow DWA youth leaders.


Lay People and the Healing Ministry Keith Hartsell


Healing Ministry IS Lay Ministry. We are all the friends of the paralytic in the story of Luke 5 who lowered the paralyzed man through the roof down to Jesus believing he could heal. Evangelism and discipleship, spiritual formation and church planting are not possible without healing ministry. Let's learn together how to be equipped to minister the transforming love of Jesus into other's lives through healing prayer.


Via Catechesis Harman Thomas


Far too often, catechism classes leave catechumens with a glut of head knowledge and little vocational training for a life of discipleship in their neighborhoods. Via Catechesis is a new curriculum and method for teaching ACNA's new catechism, "To Be a Christian.” It aims to give the laity practical tools and training to take ownership of that vocation in their daily lives. This intensive will demonstrate how catechesis can be leveraged to equip the laity as disciples who make disciples.

Rethinking Women’s Ministry Cheri Dale and Liz Read-Smith

What’s That You Have in Your Hand?

How do we as women identify our passion, personhood, and purpose as we seek to minister to women inside and outside our church doors. Together we will look into the relationships of several women in scripture, Mary and Elizabeth and the life of Mary Magdelene as examples of the important elements of relational flourishing, designed with the purpose of equipping women to effectively minister to one another.

So, whether you are discerning your ministry, feel overburdened, or disinterested in your current ministry, join us for this time. We’ll unpack our call, encourage our talents and refocus our understanding of what it means to be ministers of the gospel in our homes, communities and workplace.