We Need Your Help

This year’s synod implementation team is in dire need of volunteers to help make Synod 2021, the GREATEST Synod ever.  In all, it takes approximately 15 - 25 volunteers to run a successful Synod. Some roles require more hands-on involvement and time commitment than others. All are essential.


  1. Food Coordinator – responsible for organizing, ordering and purchasing food, snacks, coffee, drinks, ice and paper goods needed for the Clergy Gathering and Synod. This also includes the serving items, and the team to assist in serving throughout the days of these events
  2. Exhibitor Table Coordinator – responsible for the organization of exhibitors and set-up and organization of assigning tables, and the clean-up of these tables
  3. Workshop/Intensive Coordinator – responsible for the receipt of workshop/intensive information from each leader, videos, assign workshops/intensives to the rooms at the location, create onsite signage for each workshop/intensive and a team that will direct people during the movement times to workshops/intensives and clean-up of each room after workshops/intensives are over
  4. Media Coordinator – responsible for organizing, producing and running all speaker-needed media. This also includes taking photographs and video taping key speakers.
  5. Printing Coordinator – responsible for printing all documents needed for the Clergy Gathering and Synod.
  6. Plant Team Coordinator – responsible for the team that will transport the signs to and from the event, set up and clean up signage, and setting serving tables. This person will also head a hospitality or host team for the entire event to show people where to park and where to head for workshops.
  7. Registrar – responsible the registration of all delegates, sending out the documents for the delegates, creating welcome folders and name badges, and staffing the registration/information table during the entire
  8. Children’s Program Coordinator – responsible for the coordination of a children’s program team.
  9. Liturgy Coordinator – responsible for planning all the liturgies (morning and noonday prayers, opening Holy Eucharist), working with the media person to create the PowerPoints and/or ProPresenter for the liturgies, recruiting persons to lead each of the offices, working with printing team for opening Holy Eucharist bulletin and recruiting the team to make opening Holy Eucharist happen (readers, deacons, altar guild director and team, acolyte director and team, musician and team, ushers and team)
  10. Finance Coordinator – responsible for coordination of a team that provides budget coordination, financial reports before, during and after the event, money for change for the registration booth, and managing the ongoing registration dollars throughout the event. This team will also be responsible for counting the offering at the opening Holy Eucharist.
  11. Coordinating Assistant – responsible for the coordination of a team responsible for set-up and clean-up of the meeting area each day, run small tasks around the plant, and just be available to assist in any way asked.

If you can fill any of these roles or wish to be on one of the teams, please email hazel.urtis@westernanglicans.org.