Holistic Small Group Leadership

Led by The Very Rev. Justin Read-Smith, Rocky Mountain Dean

Every church should have small groups, right? But what do small groups do? What is the purpose of a small group? When is a small group more than just a small group? Small groups provide relationship and growth in Christ between members of your church, but can be so much more. Effective leadership, intentional mission, missional discipleship, neighborhood impact, implementation of the Church’s vision locally – all of these can be the outworking of a small group. The workshop, Holistic Small Group Leadership, will help you to understand the importance of small groups within your church, to identify leaders, to shape the framework for effective small groups, and to reach your neighborhood for the Kingdom.

Alpha “Master Class” Gleanings

Led by The Rev. Rob Holman

Are you struggling to get Alpha thriving in your church? Do you want to know practical steps to help your Alpha go from good to great?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then the Alpha Master Class is for you. Rob Holman, will share what he has gleaned from the Alpha Master Class taught at Vintage Church in Santa Monica. Over the past 7 years Alpha at Vintage Church has grown from "a couple of leaders, a lot of pizza and no people" to over 500 people participating last year. “They have inspired me to redouble my efforts to launch Alpha as an outreach and our Church has had immediate results thanks to Vintage Church’s teaching.” — Rob Holman, workshop leader

Oikos: Sharing God's Love with Those We Love

Led by The Rev. Brian Hughes

Oikos is an approach to sharing the Good News of Jesus which focuses our efforts primarily on those with whom we already have relationships. The benefits of this are many, and they include a heightened awareness of what God is already doing among us as well as a recognition that conversion can be a long process. This workshop will introduce this approach and offer a time to workshop various practices helpful for an individual to share God's love with their family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and coworkers.

Showing Jesus in Your Neighborhood

Led by Jeff Bisgrove

Come to a session focused on practical ways to “Be the light of Jesus” in your community. Today most people are not interested learning about Jesus. However, they have a deep and God given thirst for community and relationship. Come learn some practical ways to start community development efforts right were God planted you, help people develop community and in so doing find the love of Jesus.

Healing Prayer

Led by The Rev. Tim Laundrie

In the first four centuries of Christianity the Kingdom of God expanded through the testimony of those who were cured of diseases and demonic oppression. Healing prayer today is still a most effective method of deepening relationships with Jesus. When people experience healing through prayer it’s hard to deny. Let’s talk about aspect of healing prayer and do some ministry.

Top 5 Things to Know About Church Revitalization

Led by The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge

The local church that does not adapt to be a missional congregation will die. Many churches over time find themselves inwardly focused which eventually will lead to decline and death. Healthy missional churches are primarily outwardly focused while still care for the needs of the body. This workshop explores the top five ways to revitalize any church back to being healthy and missional and the American Anglican Council’s resources to help you turn your church around.

Why the Cross?

Led by The Very Rev. Tom Phillips, Arizona Dean

There is a tight connection between church planting, disciple-making and the Cross of Christ. But what is that connection? How can the death of one person 2,000 years ago integral to the church planting movement of the 21st century? You may have connected the dots, but if you’d like to re-examine the evidence, please come.

Reaching the College Campus Near You

Led by Travis Wilson

This 1-hour workshop is designed to equip churches with a strategy to reach the college campuses near them. It will focus on two primary ways of reaching the campus, directly through members of the church actively engaging the campus and indirectly through the collaboration with local para church ministries.

Evangelism through Hospitality

Led by Jenna Vazquez

You are invited to a relaxed conversation around reaching others for Jesus through hospitality. We will discuss the reason for hospitality, review how hospitality was modeled in the Bible and further talk about how we can do life with others, while showing them the love of the Lord. I pray you will come and join us around the table!

Reaching Hispanic People for Christ

Led by The Rev. Linda Crowder and The Very Rev. Bill Mugford, San Diego Dean

Come and join us for a discussion around how to Reach for Hispanic People for Christ. Find out what works, what doesn’t and best practices for inviting Hispanic people in.  


Morning Intensives – 11:15am - 1:45pm

RED Youth Mentorship Training 

Led by Eric Overholt

RED stands for Reaching, Engaging, and Discipling teens. Come be inspired, equipped, trained, and encouraged to find a teenager or two and share life, read scripture, and pray with them. Teaching teens to follow Jesus is best done one-on-one. Is Jesus important to you? Has he made a difference in your life? Come learn how to pass on that passion to young people! This training will be lead by our youth leaders from right here in Western Anglicans. Don't miss this chance to learn from those of us already involved and invested. You'll leave with the tools you need, a clear and actionable plan, and a community to support you. You CAN do it!! Join with us in passing on the faith to the next generation!

Lay Mobilization –“Get out of the Pew” 

Led by Rev. Cn. Dan Alger

The goal of this intensive is to provide you with the vision and skills to go back and begin work on implementing action that increases Mobilization (Identifying, Recruiting and Equipping of Lay Leaders) for daily missional lifestyle and strengthens the church as a community in Christ that mobilizes lay people for mission.

Afternoon Intensive – 2:00pm – 3:45pm

Beyond Awkward 

Led by Travis Wilson

Want to talk to your neighbors, co-workers and friends about Jesus, but not sure how? Beyond Awkward is  a 2-hour engaging, interactive seminar that will help you embrace a relationally bold approach to talking about Jesus. It is designed so you move past fear and begin to see breakthrough in the hearts and lives of the people around you. This seminar is designed for lay people and clergy!