University campus mission

The Diocese of Western Anglicans believes that one of the great mission fields in our time is the university and college campuses that cluster around American cities. We are committed to evangelize the campuses in our area through an intelligent proclamation of the Gospel and an attractive incarnation of the Christian life.

The opportunity for our campus ministry is enormous. College and university students study in an area that is open to new ideas, new beliefs, and new spiritual directions. They make many of the important decisions during their student days that will significantly shape the rest of their lives. They are growing in their openness to the Christian faith because of their need for direction in life and connection with others who share their passions. As the power of secularism begins to wane on campuses, we believe more and more students will respond to the Gospel and carry their faith into leadership positions that will transform government, business, science, education, and the church. 

The strategy for our campus ministry is both to work in cooperation with exiting Christian student movements (such as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, The Navigators, and Cru) and to plant new Anglican churches to close proximity to colleges and universities. We believe that the reasonable faith, the ordered worship, and the sacramental worldview of the Anglican tradition have a special appeal for students who are searching for meaning in the midst of chaos. Several of our churches are committed to campus ministry as a primary mission, including Living Faith Anglican Church (Tempe, AZ), Holy Spirit Anglican Church (San Diego, CA), Anglican Church of the Epiphany (La Mirada, CA) and the Community of St. Columba (Missoula, MT).


* Living Faith Anglican Church -

* Holy Spirit Anglican Church -

* Anglican Church of the Epiphany -

* Community of St. Columba -

* InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA - InterVarsity chapters provide friendship, Bible study, discipleship and leadership development opportunities for students on nearly 650 campuses around the U.S. (

* The Navigators - an international, interdenominational Christian ministry that helps people grow in Jesus Christ as they navigate through life (, 

* Cru - Cru is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ International in the U.S., an interdenominational Christian evangelism and discipleship ministry committed to giving people everywhere the opportunity to know and experience God's love and plan for their lives (