hispanic mission ministry

The Diocese of Western Anglicans reaches a very wide area of missional ministry comprising several states: California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. In this missional ministry, we seek to serve people of many different cultural backgrounds. We have ministries around us within the African American Community, Korean Community, Indian Community, and the Latino/Hispanic Community. Perhaps the largest of these communities is the Latino or Hispanic Center within the last few years; we have a ministry area of our Diocese in excess of 18.68 million people of Hispanic descent, the largest of which reside in California and the largest concentration in the Los Angeles Area.

In response to these demographics, we have begun an active ministry of planting new Spanish-Speaking and Bilingual churches at the same time that we seek to transform existing congregations of all sizes into churches that reach our to our Spanish-speaking neighbors. We are also actively supporting and raising leaders, both clergy and lay persons, who can speak Spanish and have a heart and a calling for this work.

We are also very supportive of other Latino/Hispanic programs within ACNA whose focus in reaching the Latino Community, among them Caminemos Juntos (Walking Together - a conference on Anglican Hispanic/Latino Ministry in North America) and the Greenhouse Initiative.

We invite your prayers, support and involvement in fulfilling this call the Lord has placed before us. 

Useful Links

* Caminemos Juntos - Es um movimiento anglicano de unificacion y plantacion de iglesias. Aprendiendo de grandes avivamientos como el de Africa Oriental deseamos multiplicar congregaciones a lo largo de las Americas. 

Caminemos Juntos, which means "Let's Walk Together" is a Latino-Anglican church planting movement begun in 2010. Our vision is to unify, mobilize and multiply Latino Anglican churches throughout the Americas. (http://www.caminemos-juntos.com/)