A Day of Mission Partnership: The Six Peak Challenge!

The Six Peaks Challenge is a yearly challenge in which members and friends of the Diocese of Western Anglicans are invited to join together in our third annual  Day of Mission Partnership. The most recent event took place on February 15, 2020.

The purpose for this event is to build awareness of, and participation in, the mission priorities being pursued by the Diocese of Western Anglicans. These priorities include:

  1. Hispanic Mission in the Diocese of Western Anglicans
  2. Diocese of Western Anglicans Mission in Belize
  3. Diocese of Western Anglicans University Mission
  4. Diocese of Western Anglicans Asia Mission
  5. Diocese of Western Anglicans Mission in Bolivia
  6. Diocese of Western Anglicans Thailand Mission/Partnership with Diocese of Singapore.

Download a sponsorship form here (This is for your convenience; you may design your own. Just make sure all checks are made out to the Diocese of Western Anglicans with Six Peaks in the Memo line.

Download the 2020 Six Peaks prayer guide here.

Scroll down for further details.

Get Involved: Pray, Hike, Give


Congregations, prayer teams, small groups, and individuals can join in a day of fasting and prayer between 6am and 6pm. The day will be broken up into six two-hour blocks associated with the six ministry initiatives. 

Download the Six Peaks Prayer Guide HERE


During each of the two-hour blocks, a team of people will hike one of the six peaks. Check with your church to find the Six Peaks closest to you and the times people will be climbing.

Hiking teams will also be praying for each priority at the base before starting, then praying for future goals once the team reaches the summit. Individuals participating in the hikes are welcome to climb more than one peak. 


In order to further these mission priorities, the Day of Mission Partnership will be raising support in conjunction with the Six Peak Challenge. The basic sponsorship scheme is a $10 pledge for each peak climbed, or $60 for the entire event. 

Get informed…Get involved…Pray!    Hike!   Give!

See our video from 2018:

Looking back at The Day of Mission Partnership 2018

Several churches participated in the Six Peaks challenge, either climbing one or more of the originally suggested Six Peaks or finding one nearer home to climb--and to pray. You can see a few of the hikers and locations below.

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