DWA Malaysia

WHEN: June 10-June 30; June 30-July 15

WHERE: The first group will go to Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. The second will go to Malacca, Malaysia and minister with Youth for Christ.


  1. A minimum of six teleconferencing training sessions will be held in conjunction with Anglican Frontier Missions. The price is included in the cost.  
  2. If possible, at least a one day pre-departure training session will be held in Los Angeles. Initial debriefing will be held in Malaysia followed  
  3. Upon returning, there will be a teleconferencing follow-up course.

HOW MUCH: $3000 - $3200 pays for national and internal flights, food, accommodations, training, and other expenses. Participants need malaria pills, tetanus (T.D.) typhoid, and hepatitis A immunizations.

DWA Malaysia 2018

Do any of you want to see God work through you in new and exciting ways by participating in one or both of this year's summer team to Malaysia? The first will go to the tribal Anglicans of Borneo from June 10th until June 30th. The second will work with Youth for Christ in Malacca and also minister to and with the Orang Asli of West Malaysia. This second team will leave on June 30th and return on July 15th.

Our Goals

First, to  strengthen relationships between the ACNA and Christians, especially Anglican Christians, in Southeast Asia.

Second, to train disciples who can witness to their faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, and offer effective healing prayer.

Third, to minister in particular to young people in secondary schools and above. 

We plan to offer discipleship youth camps/seminars in various locations including longhouses in the Simujan and Betong areas of Sarawak.

The Ministry

Our fifth summer team to Malaysia will engage in healing ministry and discipleship training both in the Diocese of Kuching in Sarawak as well as with Youth for Christ in Malacca, West Malaysia. In Sarawak we minister alongside Anglican priests who often have thirty or more rural longhouses under their care. They can minister Holy Communion, and little else, to these longhouses, at most three times a year.

After Holy Communion, we divide our team into groups of two or three to pray for individuals for healing. We also provide a basic discipleship course leading from a salvation message to walking with Jesus in the power of the Spirit. Most Anglicans in these areas are nominal and need to be able not only to resist the persistent efforts of the Islamic government to convert them, but also to witness to their faith themselves. This year we also hope to extend our ministry to college level students and to assist in providing discipleship making training for seminarians.

In Malacca, the first and most historic city of Malaysia, we conduct healing and discipleship ministry with the staff of Youth for Christ in school, churches, and retirement facilities. We have also engaged in street evangelism. We hope this year also to work with the Orang Asli, the original people of the Malay Peninsula.