Developing Church online--now and in the future


Online Resources

  1. The Anglican Church of North America has a resource page that is organized and leads to further articles.
  2. American Anglican Council: is one of two designated resource gatherers.
  3. Anglican Compass: is the second. Count on finding plenty on both places.
  4. The Evergreen Project: collects resources for the church
  5. Take a look at the list of resources on the Diocese of CS40 page. Scroll down a bit for even more ides. It's worth it!
  6. Facebook's  Faith on Facebook
  7. How to Develop Sacred Space through Online Streaming: Practical, small step advice for livestreaming
  8. 7 Ways To Maintain Community During A Time Of Social Distancing
  9. Using Zoom to Build God’s Church: Now and in the Future (PDF): ZOOM Basics & More
  10. Zoombombing: What it is and how you can prevent it in Zoom video chat: The dark side of Zoom and what do do about it. If you are using ZOOM for anything, you need to read this.
  11. Infringing on Copyright when using Online Services for Church - What you need to know Copyright infringement can land you in load of hot water and financial trouble--even if you're a small church. Be careful; be legal.
  12. How to Thrive in a Digital Exile: 9 Tips for Churches by William Glass, posted on Anglican Compass. Includes a free ebook for further aid.
  13. How to measure attendance online.
  14. A test survey for measuring attendance and receiving prayer requests.
  15. PDF's from Digital Church Development Justin Murff: 
    a) Building Real Digital Community Jay Kranda
    b) Digital Church Development Justin Murff Slides