Diocese of Western Anglicans

Cycle of Prayer

Lent and Easter 2017

Wondering how to pray for the Diocese? This cycle of prayer is one approach.

Begin praying for the names in the group number corresponding with the first letter of your last name. Pray daily for the churches and clergy in that group for one week, then move on to the next group until you have prayed for all four groups. Then begin again with the first group with which you began.A – G begin with Group 1; H - M begin with Group 2; N – S begin with Group 3; T – Z begin with Group 4 .

Please pray daily for the Diocesan Staff, The Diocesan Officers, The Executive Committee members, the Deans and the Canons.

If you would like to print a copy for your use, download it using this link. To print, choose print  two-sided and flip on the short edge.

All Groups Daily

For the Diocesan Staff: Bishop Keith Andrews, Jenna Vazquez, Michele Wright, Jessica Greenlee, Caleb Hummel, and Sue Ellen Warren

For the Diocesan Officers: Spencer Johnson, Cindy Drennan, Caren Spilsbury, Myron Steeves, Jeanette Shelly

The Executive Committee: Roger Pelham, Cameron Lemons, Trish Stewart, Richard Crocker, Jeanette Shelley, Jim Dale, Justin Read-Smith, Antonio Herndon, Tim Laundrié, Jack Davenport, Jeff Bisgrove, Ephraim Nkemere

For the Deans & Canons: Jerry Cimijotti, Chuck Collins, Russell Martin, Scott Pedersen, David Montzingo, Brian Schulz

Group One

All Saints’ Los Angeles, CA The Ven Dr Godson Ofoegbu

All Saints', Long Beach, CA The Very Rev Scott Pedersen, Dean LA

Branches of the Cross, Vista, CA The Rev Tim Laundrié

Christ Church, Butte, MT The Rev Brian Miller, The Rev Dcn Nan Joyce

Christ Church, Fallbrook, CA The Rev Brian Capanna, The Rev Dcn Dee Renner

Christ Church, Phoenix, AZ The Rev Chris Schutte, The Rev David Stevens, The Rev George Miley, The Very Rev Chuck Collins, Dean AZ

Christ’s Church, Yucaipa, CA The Rev Canon Brian Schulz, The Rev James Linton, The Rev Dcn Rolin Bruno

Christ the King, San Diego, CA The Very Rev Russell Martin, Dean SD; The Rev Larry Eddingfield; The Rev Dcn Stephen Elder; The Rev John King

Christ the King, Spokane, WA The Very Rev Jerry Cimijotti, Dean RM

Christ the Redeemer, Yuma, AZ The Rev Austin Mansfield, The Rev Lee Sissel, The Rev Dcn Linda Stokes

Group Two

Christ Our Savior, Torrance, CA The Rev Ken Greenlee

AC of the Epiphany, La Mirada, CA The Rev Greg Peters, The Rev. Steve Sterry

AC of the Holy Spirit, Prescott, AZ Vacant

AC of the Resurrection, San Marcos, CA The Rev Bill Gandenberger, The Rev Richard Bowman, The Rev Denny Eisele, The Rev Dcn Joy Edwards

The Billings Anglican Church, MT Jim Lease

Community of St. Columba, Missoula, MT The Rev Justin Read-Smith

Disciples’ Anglican Church, Anaheim, CA The Rev John Rim

Good Shepherd Anglican, Mesa, AZ The Rev Earle Fox

Grace Anglican Church, Boise, ID The Rev Dcn Ron Jutzy

Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, CA The Rev Bill Mugford

Grace Anglican Church, Sheridan, WY The Rev Kevin Jones

Holy Spirit Anglican, San Diego, CA  The Rev Brian Hughes, The Rev Canon David Montzingo, The Rev Caleb Hummel

Holy Redeemer Anglican, Tucson, AZ The Rev Jerry Bouck

Holy Trinity, Ocean Beach, CA The Rev Larry Bausch The Rev Dcn Sue Bentley

Group Three

Little Church in the Valley, Reno, NV The Rev Karry Crites

Living Faith, Mesa AZ The Rev Leo Laney

Living Faith Church, Tempe, AZ The Rev Joel Pinson, The Rev Ernest Victor, The Rev Dcn Mathew Allen

Miracle Center, Compton, CA The Rev Antonio Herndon

St. David's, Burbank, CA The Rev Jose Poch, The Rev Dcn DiAnne Charves, The Rev Steve Kennedy

St. James, Costa Mesa, CA The Rev Richard Crocker, The Rev Cathie Young, The Rev Todd Meyer

St. John’s, Salt Lake City Jesse Sandoval

St. Luke's, Crescenta Valley, CA The Rev Robert Holman, The Rev James Arcadi, The Rev Dcn Steve Krimmel

St. Michael’s in the City, La Verne, CA The Rev Charles Myers

St. Paul’s City Church, Lake Elsinore, CA The Rev Cameron Lemons, The Rev Chris Bodiford

St. Stephen's, Tustin, CA The Rev Linda Crowder

United Christ Church of India, Phoenix, AZ The Rev Suresh Gunti

Group Four

Inactive Presbyters: The Rev Kathleen Adams (CA), The Rev David Bartholomew (CA), The Rev Jack Bunting (NM), The Rev Grayson Carter( AZ), The Rev. Chuck Caponi (AZ), Bob Fabey (AZ), The Rev. Robert Garafaolo (AZ)The Rev Julian Gibb (AZ), The Rev. Jim Gray, (CA), The Rev. Jim Howard (AZ) The Rev Richard Menees (CA), The Rev Nan Mueller (ID), The Rev Warren Mueller (ID), The Rev James Obermeyer (AZ), The Rev Andrew Ray (WA), The Rev Rob Trebbe (AZ)The Rev Don White (CO)

Retired Presbyters: The Rev Don Kroeger (CA), The Rev Cameron Harriot (CA) The Rev Joe Rees, (MO), The Rev Tom Phifer (AZ), The Rev. Pam Schmaling (AZ), The Rev. Tom Phillips (AZ)

Vocational Deacons: Deacon Mat Allen, Living Faith Anglican Church, Tempe, AZ; Deacon Sue Bentley, Holy Trinity, Ocean Beach, CA; Deacon Rolin Bruno, Christ’s Church, Yucaipa, CA; Deacon DiAnne Charves, St. David’s, Burbank, CA; Deacon Joy Edwards, AC of the Resurrection, San Marcos, CA; Deacon Steve Elder, Christ the King, San Diego, CA; Deacon Nan Joyce, Christ Church, Butte, MT; Deacon Ron Jutzy, Grace Anglican, Boise, ID; Deacon Steve Krimmel, St. Luke’s, Crescenta Valley, CA; Deacon Jim Lee, Hospital Chaplaincy Ministry, AZ; Deacon Roz Marver, Sabbath Celebration, Carlsbad, CA;Deacon Dee Renner, Christ Church, Fallbrook, CA; Deacon Linda Stokes, Christ the Redeemer, Yuma, AZ

Inactive Voc’l Deacons: Deacon Ron Orr, (AZ) Deacon Barbara Robinson, (AZ) Deacon Tim Seibold, (AZ)

Emerging Works: 

Joy Faith,The Rev Pete Forbes (AZ), The Rev. Henry Hoffman (AZ) 

Beth Messiah Anglican The Rev Joyce Miriam Brooks (CA) 

Sabbath Celebration Deacon Roz Marver (CA) 

Christ the King Ramona Rev’s Russell Martin, The Rev John King (CA) St. Francis, The Rev Jack Davenport (CA) 

King of Glory The Rev. David Baker (ID) Prayer Fire, The Rev. Kep and Nick Howk (CA)

Missionaries: Fr. David & Mary-Beth Alenskis (Belize), Fr. Michael Jun (Asia) Fr. Lee & Pum Mullins (Thailand) Fr. Bele & Claire Soleto (Bolivia) Fr. Juan & Maria Marentes (LA,CA)

Diocesan Teams: Task Force on Discipleship Making, Deacons' Formation Team, International Partners in Mission, Anglican Cursillos, Philanthropy Commission, Licensing Team, Diocesan Intercessors

Partnership Ministries:  Anglican House Publishers, Antioch Network, Apprentice 2 Jesus, Greenhouse Movement, New Wineskins