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Please send any job listings you want posted to: Be sure to tell us when the position is filled.

    Full-Time Associate Rector, All Saints, Long Beach, CA

    All Saints Anglican Cathedral is seeking an Associate Rector who will offer strong leadership and assist us in developing, deepening, and extending our ministries. We desire to hire a priest who has passion for worship, leadership, discipleship, and mission for all ages. We place a high priority on developing and supporting lay leadership in ministry. All clergy, staff, and lay leaders currently work collaboratively and enthusiastically desire to continue that process. The Associate Rector shall work in collaboration with the Rector to advance the mission of the church by making disciples. The Associate Rector will catalyze an Anglican campus group at California State University Long Beach. The clergy team shall provide liturgical leadership for worship gatherings; faithful teaching the Word and administering the sacraments; pastoral care for those who are hurting; instruction in spiritual formation and discipleship for all ages; leadership development; and modelling and equipping for missional lifestyle and activities. In a couple years the Associate Rector would church plant or continue at All Saints depending on numerical and financial growth. 

    See the attached document for more details and email with any questions.

    Diocese  of  Western  Anglicans  Operations  Manager


    The Operations Manager will manage the administrative functions of the Diocese of Western Anglicans including paid and unpaid staff who work to strengthen the support systems required for effective implementation of Kingdom expansion initiatives. The Operations Manager will oversee the business management functions, the expanding communications ministry, the events planning and coordination requirements, administrative support essentials, personnel support and effective team development for an increasingly complex ministry environment. Skills associated with completing reports, prioritizing projects, completing a monthly activity log, ensuring that personnel are knowledgeable and qualified, creating changes in work methods, facilitating efficient staff work processes and ensuring timely completion of projects are valued.  For a fuller definition of these responsibilities, download this pdf.


    • Bachelor’s Degree (Business Administration or similar field is preferred) 
    • Management experience with demonstrated expertise in organizational management skills
    • Understands and applies effective financial methods and reporting
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite (particularly Excel) 
    • Advanced ability to delegate responsibilities and provide leadership and training to key (paid and unpaid) personnel
    • Advanced written and verbal communication skills (Spanish is a plus) 
    • Possession of key competencies, including Christian conflict management, business negotiation, organization and decision-making
    • Familiarity with HR regulations, health insurance and pension plans is preferred, but is able to learn efficiently if not already a competency
    • Able to work with both paid and unpaid staff while utilizing effective training and delegation skills

    Time and Remuneration:

    • This is envisioned as a half-time position with approximately 20 hours or 2.5 days per week. 
    • A stipend has been set at $25,000 per year. No medical or pension benefits are provided. 
    • The Diocese will re-assess the hours and benefits annually with the personnel review.

    If interested, contact Jenna Vazquez at

    Bi-Vocational Rector for Legacy House in Avondale, AZ

    The Diocese is looking for a Bi-Vocational Anglican leader for The Legacy House in Avondale, AZ. This person will lead Saturday evening praise and worship and at least one mid-week small group meeting. Additionally, this individual will provide pastoral calling in homes, hospitals, and/or rehab centers in the area, plus the occasional appearance at Legacy community events. Legacy will provide meeting space, furniture, equipment, (except religious furnishings), set-up and tear down of meeting rooms, and will give Living Faith priority status as "the church" of the facility, (although allowance is made for Roman Catholics and LDS to hold communion services and observe some religious practices). The understood intent of both parties is that there be a 'Christian community of believers' established in the Legacy Building to provide 'church life' to residence, staff and members of the surrounding community. 

    If interested, respond to

    Rector for Christ our Savior Anglican Church, Torrance, CA

    The congregation and vestry of Christ our Savior Anglican Church are seeking applicants to fill the currently vacant position of Parish Rector. Men interested in applying for the position should download and review the parish profile below. If the opening fits well with their ministry skills and approach, we encourage them to download, complete, and email the application below.


    We are confident that God, in His Providence, will provide us with the perfect man to lead this parish forward. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.


    Questions and completed applications can be emailed to

    Further information and application found on the church website.

    Part-time Rector for All Saints Anglican Church, Los Angeles

    Established in 2003, All Saints Anglican Church, Los Angeles is located in the city of Hawthorne, California. The church is affiliated with the Diocese of Western Anglicans (DWA), a member of Anglican Church in North (ACNA) Province.

    We are looking for an energetic ordained Anglican part-time priest with a deep love of God; a commitment to the authority of the scriptures; and a passion for Anglican to be our Rector.

    All Saints’ Church prides itself as a community vibrant and passionate church with emphasis on spirituality and true Christian Love We value Anglicanism for its emphasis on the authority of Scripture, its recognition of Divine catholic, universal order within God’s One Holy Apostolic Church and its emphasis on community worship for strengthening believers and pointing unbelievers to Christ. We are committed to practicing Christian worship in the Anglican tradition. Our mission is to seek to extend the Kingdom of God by calling people to faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage, equip and educate disciples though the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in Word, Sacrament and Service.

    The ideal candidate:

    Is a compassionate shepherd who is grounded in Anglican faith and endeavors to make us follow the Lord in truth, indeed, and who will embrace these five areas of emphasis in:

    1. Evangelism
    2. Worship
    3. Prayer/Healing
    4. Youth Ministry
    5. Discipleship

    • Commitment to need-oriented evangelism and gift-based ministry
    • Developing holistic small groups
    • Spiritual role model and with experience in developing spiritually mature leaders
    • Experience in making disciples who make disciples
    • Experience in developing and sustaining relational, small group leaders
    • Building congregation where members experience relevance, trust, and prayer support

    Ancillary Duties

    Confirmation and Confirmation Preparations

    Holy Matrimony

    Please submit:

    1. A cover letter stating why you would be a good candidate
    2. A resume
    3. Three personal references
    4. The name and contact information for your Bishop
    5. Additional information may be requested later.

    These can be submitted electronically to:

    Pastor’s Interview Questions Bank

    1. What about All Saints’ Anglican Church motivated you to apply for the position of Pastor?

    2. Please tell us the story of your spiritual journey and why you chose Anglicanism.

    3. What are your strongest Spiritual Gifts and describe how you are currently using them.

    4. The Pastor of a church wears many hats! What aspects of ministry are your passions and what areas do you most prefer to delegate to others?

    5. Tell us about your family and how you keep balance in your life.

    6. The Anglican Church embraces three streams: Liturgical, Evangelical and Charismatic. With which stream do you identify most closely? How would you help ASAC to experience all three?

    7. What are the most important things a church must do to attract new people? Can the Anglican Church be relevant today?

    8. What is your philosophy and experience with worship music? How do you envision music enhancing worship?

    9. Tell us about your personal relationship with Jesus and how your relationship affects your daily/ weekly spiritual disciplines?

    10. Describe a recent occasion when God gave you instruction and tell us what you did as a result.

    11. What questions do you have for us?

    12. What might be your greatest challenge at ASAC and how would you deal with it?

    13. Tell us about a time you handled conflict within the church body.

    14. Tell us how in your experience you have encouraged discipleship in the body

    15. What is your story and why Anglicanism?

    16. Tell us about a time when you helped a congregation go where God wanted them to go

    17. Do you have questions for us?


    Rector For St. Paul’s City Church

    St. Paul’s City Church (SPCC), in Lake Elsinore, CA, is looking for a Rector to assume the duties of Pastor and spiritual leader of a growing congregation filled with Christ- loving, Bible believing, active people called by God to be Jesus’ representative to the community containing and surrounding Lake Elsinore, California. We are a five-year old church plant within the Dioceses of Western Anglicans; a diocese within the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). We seek a person of like mind and spirit excited to take the leadership of an embryonic evangelical and charismatic church and skillfully, reverently lead it into the vision God has for the church in our community.

    Position SPCC is seeking a full-time Rector, but is open to less than full-time now for the right candidate who will commit the time and energy to focus on SPCC and to lead us towards its vision. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply

    Beliefs and Values

    Our new Rector will:

    1. Share our deep and guiding belief in the whole Word of God, and the beliefs and values as expressed by the ACNA, the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds, the 39 Articles and the Anglican tradition
    2. Share our commitment to being authentic (real and accepting), ancient (liturgical) and active (outward focused); loving and reaching the lost, including those who are spiritually broken, addicted and under-resourced in our city in ways that are practical, sensitive and uplifting
    3. Share our conviction that prayer is key to changing everything
    4. Share our active conviction in the ministry of the laity using all spiritual gifts; that all believers, male and female, are gifted today in one or more of all the gifts described in I Corinthians 12 & 14 and Ephesians 4, to serve, lead, and initiate ministry to reach the lost and make disciples of all
    5. Share our love for a culturally diverse church family that truly is diverse; of various races, backgrounds, education levels, ages and means and all that it takes to preserve it and grow it; and
    6. Share our value of creative and diverse worship styles; including hymns, contemporary music, gospel music, drama and other forms.


    Our new Rector will:

    A. Maintain and develop his/her own maturity as a joyful, dynamic disciple of Christ and part of the body of SPCC

    1. Growing in his or her own love for and relationship with God, as demonstrated by a vibrant love of Him, people, prayer, and growing in character
    2. Be the spiritual leader of the SPCC church family, while part of the church family; maintain healthy and peaceful relationships with family, friends and those he/she leads; glorify God in all that he/she does while growing in grace.

    B. Develop Disciples and Leaders For Kingdom Service

    1. Be the main pulpit preacher at SPCC; regularly preach and teach the Word of God, and teaching all to obey the Word of God for rich, effective lives that glorify God
    2. Oversee the development and implementation of a plan to make disciples of all ages (birth to seniors) at SPCC who are proficient in the Word, prayer, and all the spiritual disciplines while walking in love, wisdom and character; and practically reproducing this life in others.

    C. Model Missional Leadership and lead others in missional action

    1. Oversee the development and implementation of an outreach plan to identify, equip and release SPCC to love, serve and reach the neighborhoods of the tri-city area (Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Murrieta); partnering with other ministries, meeting needs, evangelizing and growing the Kingdom with new believers.
    2. Orient strategically to mission and evangelism that guides our efforts in penetrating the wider culture and reaches the tri-city area of Lake Elsinore, Murrieta and Menifee

    D. Lead and Oversee the Worship of SPCC

    1. Oversee and conduct the planning of the church calendar, worship services and liturgy, including baptisms, weddings, funerals and special worship services.
    2. Lead worship services effectively and with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit so that Jesus is encountered personally in a variety of cultures and contexts, while also honoring Anglican spirituality and practice.

    E. Equip the Leaders and Manage the Ministers of the Congregation

    1. Lead the congregation as Rector, which assumes serving as the President of the Board (Vestry of SPCC) and Leader/Manager of the Ministers and Ministries of the church as identified in the Constitution and Canons of the ACNA, the Constitution, Canons and bylaws of the Diocese of Western Anglicans and the bylaws of the church; all of which requires vision, direction and leadership of the church.
    2. Lead SPCC into more robust mission and ministry (current average Sunday attendance of 50 to a future ASA 150+, potentially on 3+ campuses with a target of 450+); to participate as required in the diocese and local ecumenical activities, representing SPCC regionally and nationally.
    3. Lead the day-to-day operations of the church; overseeing its staff, assets and budget with expertise, integrity, resourcefulness and love; developing or refining processes that will support the life of the church

    Experience and/or Other Requirements

    1. An already vibrant spiritual life in God through Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and demonstrated by a strong prayer life and love for God and others; a life of character befitting any believer in Christ in leadership
    2. A Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary with 3-5 years of meaningful and successful ministry serving as an associate, youth, or senior rector/pastor of a church is required; knowledge of the Anglican sacraments and traditions, its calendar and liturgy is required, with experience highly preferred
    3. Licensing within the ACNA is required; applicants may have attained it, or be working towards this with completion within 2018 and subject to our Bishop’s approval. Experience and service within the ACNA specifically is highly preferred
    4. Experience working across cultures and bi-lingual (Spanish-English) is highly valued
    5. Demonstrated skills essential to future effectiveness in ministry include team-building, lay ministry mobilization, lay leader formation, reproducing disciples systemically and missional community formation.

    Interested parties should respond to:

    Click here to read more about St. Paul's.

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