A Ministry Partner may be any of a variety of entities that desires to be in an active ministry relationship with this Diocese, but that is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Bishop (See Canon I)    A prospective Ministry Partner may indicate its desire to be an active ministry partner with the Diocese by writing to the President and Bishop.

Anglican Global Mission Partners (AGMP)

AGMP is a network of 35 Anglican global mission-committed organizations and individuals including mission agencies, dioceses, missionaries, institutions, and jurisdictions in North America. AGMP's vision is to see an Anglican Church in North America that is passionately committed to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations in the name of Jesus Christ. Their mission is to collaborate with Anglican bodies in cross-culture mission through exhorting, equipping, sending and receiving in ways that increase the impact of one another's ministries and the entire Body of Christ. 


Antioch network - preparing the way for the king

Since inception in 1987, Antioch Network has been shaped by a calling to empower the Church to proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom and make disciples among the nations. Our international team of leaders is presently engaged in kingdom works of reconciliation, worship and prayer, networking, discipleship and evangelism.

As we have grown in our understanding of the love of our heavenly Father, we believe the calling of Antioch Network is to prepare the way for the king. Along with championing the call to complete world evangelization, we await the fulfillment of God's promises to Israel, His uniquely chosen people; and with diligence we endeavor to ready His Church, a people set apart from every tribe, tongue and nation, for the triumphant return of Christ.

Antioch Network seeks to reflect a faith and practice rooted in God's covenant with the people of Israel, culminating in Jesus the Messiah, proclaimed by the apostles, and passed along through the centuries by the diverse expressions of Christ's Church.



Bethel seminary

Bethel Seminary and the Diocese of Western Anglicans are partnering to make the pursuit of a seminary education easier and more affordable. Staff and members of the Diocese of Western Anglicans are eligible for a scholarship set annually at approximately 30% of the price of 6 credits of tuition. To be eligible, students must enroll in at least six credits per semester. The partnership scholarships are only available during the fall and spring semesters. In addition, the applicants may qualify for a need-based Bethel grant.

As a world-cless evangelical seminary with locations in St. Paul, San Diego, and the Eastern Seaboard, as well as a model distance learning program, Bethel Seminary offers several master of art degrees, a master of divinity degree, a doctor of ministry degree, graduate-level certificates, and a post graduate certificate. Accreditors have praised the seminary's approach to developing whole and holy Christian leaders through three-part emphases on biblical/theological foundations, transformational leadership, and spiritual and personal formation. 

For more information, please contact the Bethel Seminary San Diego Office of Admissions at 619-325-5200 or


Email: bssd-admit@bethel.eduhistory

Branches of the Cross
Vista, CA

God wants His suffering people healed. Branches of the Cross is committed to work with His Spirit to convey healing and rest to weary, suffering souls through healing services, pastoral counseling, personal prayer, spiritual direction and personal and group retreats.

While Branches was founded by Anglican priests and is affiliated with the Anglican Church, it welcomes and wants to serve  ALL CHRISTIANS REGARDLESS OF DENOMINATION. The spirit of God is available to all and unity of spirit is a core value of Branches. God calls us to this ministry and His mercy is for everyone.



Network of evangelical women in ministry (newim)

The Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry is a international, non-profit membership organization. Our purpose is to provide resources, spiritual enrichment and networking opportunities for women in ministry.



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