A Day of Mission Partnership: The Six Peak Challenge!

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, members and friends of the Diocese of Western Anglicans are invited to join together in a Day of Mission Partnership.

The purpose for this event is to build awareness of, and participation in, the mission priorities being pursued by the Diocese of Western Anglicans. These priorities include:

  1. Anglican Urban Initiative
  2. Belize – Fr. David and Mary Beth Alenskis
  3. Bolivia – Fr. Bely and Claire Soleto
  4. Hispanic Mission Initiative – Fr. Juan and Maria Merentes
  5. Thailand & Malaysia – Fr. Lee and Pum Mullins;Deacon Steve Krimmel
  6. University Campus Initiative

Look below to see how you can get involved!

Get Involved: Pray, Hike, Give


Congregations, prayer teams, small groups, and individuals can join in a day of fasting and prayer between 6am and 6pm. The day will be broken up into six two-hour blocks associated with the six ministry initiatives. To sign up for a prayer time at the following link:

Sign up to pray, hike, give!


If you are in the southern California area, join us for the The Six Peaks Partnership Challenge! Six San Diego area peaks have been chosen corresponding to the Diocese’s six mission priorities. During each of the two-hour blocks, a team of people will hike one of the six peaks as follows:

  1. 6am to 8am Belize Partnership ---  North Fortuna Mtn
  2. 8am to 10am Hispanic Mission Initiative --  South Fortuna Mtn
  3. 10am to 12pm Bolivia Partnership --  Kwaay Paay Peak
  4. 12pm to 2pm University Mission Initiative --  Cowles Mountain
  5. 2pm to 4pm Anglican Urban Initiative -- Pyles Peak
  6. 4pm to 6pm Thailand & Malaysia Partnership -- Mount Helix

Hiking teams will also be praying for each priority at the base before starting, then praying for future goals once the team reaches the summit. Individuals participating in the hikes are welcome to climb more than one peak. Click on the link below to sign up for a hiking team!

Sign up to pray, hike, give!


In order to further these mission priorities, the Day of Mission Partnership will be raising shttps://dwathailand.wordpress.com/upport in conjunction with the Six Peak Challenge. The basic sponsorship scheme is a $10 pledge for each peak climbed, or $60 for the entire event. With 36 congregations in the DoWA, the goal is to identify ten people in each congregation who will make the $60 pledge, or some other appropriate combination of people and pledges, for a total of $600 per congregation, or $21,600 for the event.

Sign up to pray, hike, give!

Get informed…Get involved…Pray!    Hike!   Give!

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For more information, contact Mark at kelley8425@gmail.com

international partners in mission

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teach them to obey all that I have commanded you"

                         Jesus of Nazareth

The Anglican way of following Jesus focuses on the Kingdom of God through a series of missional relationships that often give birth to gospel partnerships. Our commitment to "Go and make disciples of all nations" animates us and motivates us to build relationships with individuals, churches, dioceses and provinces that share a common commitment to see people of all ethnicities come to faith in Jesus Christ.

A protocol has been designed to provide the Diocese of Western Anglicans with a framework for establishing and strengthening these relationships which straddle the borders between nations and which are focused on Jesus' Great Commission.

The International Partners in Mission Team will poll the congregations annually to maintain a greater base of knowledge and information related to the missionaries they are currently supporting. We will also do all we can to understand and report their:

  • Focus in international mission
  • Passion for international mission
  • Resource level for international mission

The international partners in mission will encourage local churches to form local teams to foster and further Kingdom ministry in other cultures and countries. 

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